Fitzroy Lodge open show 12/03/2016

Ashford Boxing Club attended the Carney’s community centre in Battersea for the Fitzroy lodge ABC open boxing show. Where Ashford boxer Jez Achong 75kg was up against Elton Esterno 75kg of the hosting club.

The first round saw the Fitzroy Lodge boxer coming out with all guns blazing and throwing thunderous shots to both head and body. But Jez covered well and replied with some good quality jabs and right hands of his own.

The second round, Jez set the pace shipping his punches to both head and body and then getting safely behind the jab. Jez had to work for every second as the Fitzroy Lodge boxer was hungry to win and had an exceptional support on his own turf.

In the the third and final round Jez was told by his corner that the Fitzroy Lodge boxer was going to come at him hard and with everything. And that Jez must be ready and to move and turn his opponent and then fire his shots. Jez did this with good effect and finished with jabs to keep his man at bay as much as possible.
both boxers fought strongly to the end of the round, trying to gain the advantage.

At the final bell both boxers received a roar of applause for such a good bout.

Both boxers deserved credit. But the Ashford man rightly got the decision by way of unanimous decision.

Ashford coaches Jamie Carter, Andy Wilford & Dennis Jarvis with boxer Jez Achong



On Saturday 28th November, Ashford Boxing Club attended the Putney & Roehampton boxing club open show. Where boxers Jez Achong and Matt Creighton made there debut appearances.

First to boxed was Jez Achong 76kg against Putney & Roehampton boxer, Nick Tanathat 77kg. Both boxers started fast and strong, Achong behind his fast jab and one-two combinations.  Tanathat slugging his way in behind long hooks. Achong was caught with a big right hand, but came back hard and fast and finishing the round with solid jabs.

Second round saw the Ashford boxer, get straight back to work behind his solid jabs, then switch his attack to the body. The Putney & Roehampton boxer got in a couple of body shots himself, missing most with his swinging shots.

Third round saw Achong, moving both head and feet with more confidence. Picking his man off with speed and accuracy and having complete measure of his man. This resaulted in the Ashford boxer securing his debut performance with a unanimous points win.

Second to box was Matt Creighton, 67Kg Against Putney & Roehampton’s Teejan Barrie 68kg Creighton got straight to work behind his jab, whilst Barrie tried stepping back and countering with big shots. Matt covered well and came straight back. With 30 second left of the 1st round, in an exchange of punches, the Ashford boxer took a solid right hook from the Putney & Roehampton boxer. Leaving the ref to administer a standing eight count. After the count Creighton fought gamely till the bell.

The second round saw Barrie trying to use his power to dominate and take out the Ashford boxer, but Creighton dug deep and kept pushing out straight one-two combinations through out the round.

In the 3rd and final round, the Ashford boxer threw two and four punch combinations down the middle, then worked the body. Barrie was now trying to hold, but Creighton turned his man well in the corner and followed with a right, left, right combo. Barrie was now showing signs of fatigue and when the ref split the two boxers. Barrie was clearly exhausted. Matt finished the round with two solid right hands. Both boxers had fought to a near stand still. Creighton had showed pure grit and determination in his debut bout and got his boxing off with a unanimous points win.


Boxers Jez and Matt with there coaches.

Developmental National Quarter Final 18/10/2015

Team Ewbank

                       Team Ewbank

On Sunday 18th October, Ashford Boxing Club travelled to Tooting & Mitcham FC in Surrey. Where the national quarter final of the developmental championships was held. This was southern counties v London/western counties. Southern counties champion and Ashford boxer Jack Ewbank, was up against Western counties champion Jordan Giles, of Frome ABC. Both boxers weighed in respectively in the 64-69kg division.

From the 1st round Jack held the centre of the ring, even though Jordan had height and reach advantage over Jack. Jack slipped Jordan’s long Jab with ease and countered with his own jab nicely. Followed by a straight right, then a left to the body. Once Jack had finished his own attacks, he slipped out of Jordans range to good effect. On the inside Jack worked well to both head and body, making Jordan looking to try and tie Jack up. But Jack wasn’t having none of it, working his way free. Only at the end of the round Jack was caught with Jordan’s left hook, that he’d missed so often, but this had no effect on Jack.

The 2nd round, Jack was instructed to put more pressure on the Frome boxer and to keep countering the jab. Jack followed the instructions well, then dropping shots to the body, forcing Jordan to try and tie Jack up again. Jordan tried to catch Jack with uppercuts on the way out, but jack was to evasive for the Frome boxer. The round finished with Jack putting in quality punches and starting a bleed from the Frome boxers nose.

In the 3rd and Final round, Jack was told by his corner to stay focused and to keep up with the good work. Jack dominated the centre of the ring, slipping and countering, then putting Jordan on to his back foot. Again he tried to tie Jack up, but by this time Jack had his opponent completely worked out and was picking his punches well, forcing all the exchanges to his own advantage and finishing the bout as strong as he had started.

At the end of the contest Jack was announced national development quarter finalist winner. This was a massive win for Jack as Jordan Giles had brought an impressive 11-0 record to the championships.

Well done Jack!

03/10/2015 Southern Counties Championship.

Southern Counties 69kg Champion.

Southern Counties 69kg Champion.

On Saturday 3rd October, Ashford Boxing Club & boxer Jack Ewbank attended the Southern Counties final. Held at The Royal Harbour Academy, Upper School, Stirling way, Ramsgate, Kent. Jack had reached this stage by firstly winning the Kent title and then winning the Kent v Hampshire round (Southern Counties semi-final) In the final Jack was up against Mohammad Yasin of Woking ABC’s. Round 1 saw both boxers start with caution and trying to draw each other in. Jack led and countered with some rear-hand straights followed by sharp left hooks. Mohammad tried to respond, but Jack slipped and rolled well to nullify his counters. The 2nd round saw Mohammad trying to set the pace, but Jack threw out his jab effectively, followed by straight rights to the body and left hooks to the head. Mohammed had a couple of successes but none that took any effect on Jack and his confidence. In the 3rd and final round of this 3×2 minute championship final. Both boxers went straight in with Jack getting the better of the exchange, landing a nice left hook, right uppercut, left hook combination. Jack’s lead left hook was now finding his opponents chin nicely. Followed by rights to the body, then switching back to a double left hook to the body then head. Jack had now got Mohammed on the back foot until the final bell. This was to gain Jack a unanimous points win and Southern Counties 69kg Championship. Jack will now box in the next round Southern Counties v London Counties, the weekend 17th October.

Jack with Coaches Andy Wilford, Dennis Jarvis & Jamie Carter.

Jack with Coaches                                                   Andy Wilford, Dennis Jarvis & Jamie Carter.



Kent Final & Southern Counties semi-final results.

On Tuesday 22/09/15 Ashford Heavyweight Luke Cross boxed in the Kent final, against Sheerness ABC’s Sam Whealan. This event was held at the Rumbles boxing academe in Sittingbourne. Once again Luke gave away height and reach to his opponent. In round one saw both boxers feeling each other out, with some good exchanges. Round 2 both boxers had there success. Luke with body shots and Sam throwing some effective jabs. The last round saw both boxers from the off working fast and hard, knowing that the Kent title was on the line. Luke worked well to both head and body, Whilst the sheerness boxer threw several right uppercuts off his jab scoring nicely. With a good round of applause for both boxers, the decision showed how closely fought it was by way of a split decision in favour of the Sheerness boxer. Ashford coaches Dennis Jarvis, Jamie Carter and Andy Wilford were pleased with Luke’s performances as this was his first attempt at the senior novice developmental championships.

On Saturday 26/09/15 Ashford Boxing Club travelled to the Golden Ring Gym in Southampton, who who held the next stage of the Southern counties championships Kent v Hampshire. Kent champions Charlie Smith & Jack Ewbank both boxers weighed in good, in there categories. Charlie in the Under 60kg and Jack in the under 69kg.

First to box in a supporting bout and his 1st contest, was Ashford’s junior boxer Logan Carter v Golden Rings Owen Sherred. 1st round saw young logan take the initiative against his southpaw opponent forcing the pace and working well to both head and body. 2nd round Owen fought back catching logan with his lead hand hooks and straight backhands. Making them both even at the stage. 3rd round saw Owen pick up were he left off scoring well and keeping logan at bay. When logon did get close he score managed to get in a good couple of uppercuts followed by left hooks. Both boxers fought gamely, but he decision was given to the home boy by way of unanimous decision.

First to compete in a 3 x 2 minute championship rounds was Jack Ewbank against Golden Ring’s Adam Birch. With a good foot in height difference, Jack was not going to let this deter him from securing a place in the southern counties final. Jack came out in the first round picking his opponent off, making him miss and punishing him for his mistakes with clean crisp punches. 2nd round saw Jack mix it up both in and out of range, weaving in and out under the long reach of Sam and only catching the odd shot himself. The 3rd and final round Jack was instructed by his corner to stay close and not give the Golden Ring boxer any space. Jack carried out his instructions, forcing Sam on the back foot, slipping and turning, then throwing off two and three punch combinations. Sam had some success with the occasional right hand, but not enough to deter Jack in winning. After the final bell IMG_3380Jack was awarded a unanimous points win and secured his place in the Southern Counties Final. To be held on Saturday 3rd October at

The Royal Harbour Academy,Upper School, Stirling way, Ramsgate, Kent, CT12 6MB Weigh-in 10-12:00 boxing to commence at 12:30.

Second to compete in a 4 x 2 minute championship rounds was Ashford’s Charlie Smith, against Golden Ring’s Jake Clarke. From the off Charlie went straight in, but the Hampshire champion used his height and reach well to his advantage. Using his jab well and not letting the Kent champion get set. Charlie bob and weaved well, but jake just stayed out of range making hard for charlie to get his shots off. The 2nd round saw the Hampshire champion switching stances, piercing out his jab followed up by combinations and countering Charlie on the move. In the 3rd round Charlie had some success when scoring well to the body. Jake took them well but soon moved off the ropes to counter effectively. In the 4th and fianal round Golden Ring’s champion was full of confidence, slipping and turning and shipping punches at close and on the out side. Jake had to stay focused at all times, as Charlie fought gamely to the final bell.

Jake & Charlie

                       Jake & Charlie

There was a roar of approval from both set of supporters, for Jake’s slick boxing and Charlie’s tenacious effort. Then by way of unanimous decision, Jake secured his place in the Southern Counties Final.

Saturday 19/09/2015

IMG_3363Ashford Boxing Club attended the Kemsing open boxing show, who hosted five of the developmental championship rounds. Ashford boxers Jack Ewbank boxed in the under 69kg category and Luke cross boxed in the 91kg category.

After the initial weigh-in held at the Ashford club on Friday 11th September, Jack entered a straight final against Gravesham’s ABC Tevin Gibbons. Jack gave away height and reach, but used this to his own advantage. The Ashford boxer sleep in and out picking his shots well and not letting the Gravesham boxer settle or find his range. Jack hit hard to the body when the opportunity showed, adding more frustration to the the Gravesham’s boxers night. This continued through out the duration of the contest, earning Jack a unanimous points and the Kent championship title.

Luke was drawn against Ben Axford of Aylesham ABC in the semi-finals of the championships. Luke also gave away a big height and reach advantage. But like his stable mate used this to his advantage. Luke set off strong and sharp letting Aylesham boxer Know he was in for a tough night and that he was eager to cement his place in the Kent Final. To be held on Tuesday 22nd September at Rumbles ABC in Sittingbourne. The 1st round saw Luke dominate with solid shots, to both head and body and not letting his opponent work at his own range. Every time the Aylesham boxer tried to keep it long, Luke closed him down and hit hard. The second round saw both boxers getting straight back into it and again Luke forcing the pace, with Ben trying hard to establish his jab and getting a good couple of straight rights. In the 3rd and final round Luke was instructed by his corner to keep up the pace and pressure. Luke did this with good effect shipping punches to both head and body, all the time whilst the Aylesham boxer was also getting some good shots off. By the the end of the round both boxers had given there all in what could have been a final. The winner of the Kent championship semi-finals and through to the next round by way of a split decision was given to Ashford boxer Luke Cross.