Sheerness open show

Saturday 09/04/11 Ashford Boxing Club attended the Sheerness open show. Two boxers were originally matched for the show, but on the day Bradley Beale’s opponent did not show for the contest.

Steve weighed in at 70kg and matched against Sheerness boxer Steve Eley, boxing 3×2 minute rounds.

Round one saw both boxers looking to dominate with well controlled boxing and exchanging heavy shots, with Steve edging the first round.

After the 1st round Steve was instructed by his corner to go for his opponent body more, slipping Steve Eley’s Southpaw lead then switch his attack back to the head¬†with straight right hands. Steve did as he was instructed and hurt Steve Eley’s body, bringing his hands down & ¬†leaving himself open to Steve’s right hand. Steve Eley fought back well showing strength of character and catching Steve with a couple of his own decent southpaw lefts.

The 3rd round saw Steve again going for the effective body shots to slow down Elely and then dominating with the jab.

This was a clean and tidy hard fought contest by both boxers with both boxers landing good quality punches.

At the end of the bout Steve was award a unanimous points victory.

Head Coach Dennis Jarvis & Andy Wilford were very pleased with Steve’s performance, especially as this was his first contest against a Southpaw.