Gravesham 18-05-2011

Ashford Boxing Club travelled to the Gravesham open show on Thurdsay 18th, with boxers Dan Norman & Bradley Ballantyne. Both boxers weighed-in, with Bradley’s bout being made at 60kg. Dan Norman  weighed-in at 68kg but was giving away to much weight to his opponent and the bout was called off.

So this left Bradley to represent Ashford ABC against Gravesham ABC’s  Alfie Essex. With the boxers being the first bout of the evening.

1st round, saw both boxers trying to take command, with Alfie Essex boxing behing his Southpaw stance, and Bradley pushing forward to set the pace.

2nd round, with instruction from his corner Bradley dominated the round with solid right hand shots to the head and counters to the body, with Alfie holding on trying to tie Bradley up, to stop his attacks.

3rd round, saw both boxers feeling the pace and looking to work more behind there jabs and not give anything away. At the end of the bout both boxers where given a generous round of applause by both there supporters!

When both boxers were brought to the centre of the ring for the announcement, Bradley was named the winner by way of majority decision. deserving another good round of applause.

This was Bradley’s 5th win in 9 contest to-date. With coaches Andy Wilford, Dennis Jarvis & Jamie Carter very pleased with Brad’s performance, in his second time against a Southpaw.

Well Done Brad!!


7th May Dinner Show Results

Ashford Boxing Club second Dinner Show of the season, hosted 14 bouts on the night and all were highly competative.

Out of the 14 bouts 11 Ashford boxers took part.

1st to box was Sonny Forde 48kg v R. Ramsarran 48kg of Marston ABC, with Sonny winning by way of a majority decision.

2nd to box, Bradley Ballantyne 59kg v T.McDongh 60kg of Golden Ring ABC, with Bradley losing by way of a close majority decision.

3rd to box,  Bradley Beale 52kg v J. Clifford of Swale ABC, with Bradley winning by way of a close majority decision.

4th to box,  Spencer Morrison 49kg v K. Jones  50kg of Gravesham ABC, with Spencer winning by way of a majority decision.

5th to box, Conner Fentiman 52kg v J. Hughes of Bushey ABC, with Conner losing the bout by way of a  majority decision.

6th to box, Ryan Fletcher 62kg v A. Ward of Islington ABC, with Ryan losing  a unanimous points decision.

7th to box, Shane Watts 69kg v  N.Harkins of Waterside ABC, with Shane  losing the bout by way of a majority decision.

8th to box, Dan Norman 68kg v D.Renfrew of Turners ABC, with Dan winning by way of a solid unanimous decision.

9th to box, Metin Zurel 65kg v R. Attreed of Hornchurch ABC, with Metin losing by way of unanimous points decision.

10th to box, Steve Hodges 70kg v L. Weller of Brighton City ABC, seeing Steve losing his 1st contest in his 5th bout. Losing a very close majority decision with both boxers giving a solid performance.

11th to box, Eddie Thompson 76kg v M. Hastings 76kg of Folkestone ABC. This was with out doubt the best contest of the evening and was set at 4×2 minute rounds. Both boxers started fast from the off and kept up the pace through out the bout, with both boxers exchanging a high velocity of punches to both head and body,  with punishment being shipped back and forth in all exchanges. Both boxers were given a thunderous applause by the exhilarated dinner guest for there galant display. The night was polished off with Eddie given the verdict by way of majority decision and another thunderous applause.

Ashford Boxing Club as a whole would like to thank all thoughs that took part in the bouts and there coaches, the officals, paramedics and the medical Doctor, without we would not be able to have amateur boxing shows and to the Ashford International Hotel for the venue.

Big thanks and appreciations to Chris Mason our event co-ordinator for his help and enthusiasm!!!