National Development Semi-Finals 22/10/16

On Saturday 22nd October Ashford Boxing Club travelled too the county of Suffolk who hosted the National development semi-finals at the Ipswich football ground.

1st to box, Ashford’s Jack Ewbank 69kg v Harwich ABC’s Paul Gordon 69kg.

Both boxers came out to the centre of the ring, with the Harwich boxer looking to use his height advantage and work off a solid jab, followed by a straight right then left hook combinations. Ewbank remained his calm usual self, looking to slip and roll the Harwich attacks and countering nicely with his own shots making a pretty first round even split.

2nd round, Ewbank work nicely to capitalise on his movement, catching the Harwich boxer with solid shots to the body followed by left hooks repeatedly to the head. Then with 10 seconds to go Ewbank got caught with a solid left hook from the Harwich boxer followed by a straight right left hook combination. This resulted in Jack taking his first ever standing 8 count and was surprised more than anything.

In the 3rd and final round, Jack was informed by his corner,that just because he’d taken a count, that it was not over. But had to go out and work hard for the last 2 minutes. Jack gave it 100% and more. Not giving the Harwich any respite what so ever with his flow of punches.

At the sound of the bell, both boxers new they had been in a very tough and competitive bout.

The win was awarded to the Harwich boxer by way of a split decision. To the disappointment of Ewbank, who had worked so hard and would now miss out on the National finals. Which he had reached last year.

Second to box, Ashford’s Jez Achong 75kg v Billericy & Wickford ABC’s Bradley Cockett 75kg.

Cockett started strong and impressed with telling blows. Catching Achong, until he found his rhythm and range.

2nd round, saw both boxers looking to gain the advantage exchanging punches and not giving any ground.

3rd round, both boxers had to dig deep and picked up where they had left off, working non stop to the final bell.

The win was awarded to the Ashford boxer by way of split decision and securing his place in the National finals.

Third to Box, Ashford’s Luke Cross 91+ v West Ham ABC’s Aaron Palmer. Palmer weighed in at 110kg and stood 6’8”

1st round, Palmer came out behind his long southpaw stance, looking controlled and poised. Cross moved his head well and got off some good counters.

2nd round , Palmer worked at keeping Cross at bay with his good solid jab, then moving around his man with good footwork.

3rd round, Cross fought gamely against his opponent and had some success. But Palmer just stayed with his game plan working with poise and a good jab.

The win was awarded to Palmer by way of unanimous decision. But Luke had earned his man’s respect by his tenacious effort.

Ashford coaches Dennis Jarvis, Andy Wilford and Jamie carter, are proud of their boxers performances. And the level that they are competing at.

National Quarter Finals. 15/10/16

On Saturday ashford Boxing Club travelled to Turners Boxing Academy in Camberley, who hosted the National quarter finals of the development championships.

First to box and Southern Counties champion, Ashford’s Jack Ewbank (69kg) v Empire ABC Will Butterworth (69kg) Western Counties Champion.

From the off Ewbank looked to see what the Western Counties Champion had to offer, Butterworth came out behind his jab looking for an opening, but Ewbank slipped and weaved nicely avoiding the punches. Catching Butterworth with single shots.

2nd round, Butterworth looked to force the pace catching Ewbank with a couple of nice shots of his own, but Ewbank responded nicely with counter shots.

3rd round, Ewbank with instruction from his corner, dominated from start to finish of the round. Working to both head and body.

This secured Ewbank a unanimous points win and a place in the semi-finals.

Second to box Southern Counties champion, Jez Achong (75kg) v Max Bailey (75kg) The Factory ABC Western Counties Champion.

1st round, saw both boxers come out strong, exchanging hard shots through out the round.

2nd round, Achong looked to use his jab more looking to create openings against the Western Counties Champion.

3rd and final round, both boxers fought just as hard as they had started, with Achong getting in some telling blows. but having to fight all the way.

Third to box and in his debut in the National Development Championships, Ashford’s Luke Cross (91+ Kg) v Robert Mcintosh of Cheltenham ABC (91+ Kg)

Cross had a big task on his hands as the cheltenham boxer weighed in at 126kg and stood at least 6’4 and good reputation.

1st round, Mcintosh came out behind his strong jab, looking to throw his fearsome right hand. Cross, kept his cool by bobbing and weaving then shipping hooks to the body followed by hooks to the head. Then used good for and head movement to keep just out of range.

2nd round, started pretty much the same, with mcintosh pressing forward looking for the opening, but Cross wisely kept to the good foot and head movement, countering with looping rights.

3rd and final round, the Ashford boxer was instructed by his corner to keep at it. Luke battled to the final bell with the encouragement of his corner and the spectators.

This earned Luke a deserving win, by way of a split decision. This made a very happy day for the Ashford Boxing Club team, with Luke securing his place in the semi-finals.

Team Ashford Boxing Club

Team Ashford Boxing Club

Southern Counties Finals 01/10/2016

Saturday 1st October, Ashford Boxing Club travelled to the Golden Ring ABC in Southhampton. Who hosted the Southern Counties National Developmental finals.

1st to box, Eric Swan 57kg narrowly missed out on a Southern Counties title, losing a very close split decision to Tom Ryan of Tunbridge Wells ABC. This was Eric’s first attempt and going into the championships with only two bouts experience, against Ryan’s 9-6-3 record.

2nd to box, Jack Ewbank 69kg v GoldenRing ABC boxer Adam Birch 69kg. These to boxers fought last year in the semi final of the championships, where Jack won a unanimous decision. This year Adam was looking to avenge his rival, but Jack was keen to retain his status as Southern Counties Champion.

1st round, Adam was looking to use his height and reach to his advantage and trying to lure Jack in. But Jack bobbed, weaved and slipped Adam’s rangy jabs. Then used good footwork to get in and out of range to counter, switching attack to head and body.

2nd round, saw both boxers having there moments. Trying tactilely to counter and nullifying each others work.

3rd and final round, Jack took the initiative from his corner, to keep the pressure on and keep the punches flowing. Jack worked hard, having success to the head, followed by left and right hooks to the body. Whilst slipping and weaving Adam’s advances.

Both boxers put on a good display for this Southern Counties final. With Jack winning the title by way of a split decision, for the second year in a row.

3rd to box, Ashford’s Charlie Smith 60kg v Hastings ABC’s Brandon Davis This was a 3×3 minute category B Southern Counties final. All 3 rounds were fought hard by both boxers through out.
Resulting in a split decision in favour of Hastings Brandon Davis. With a big show of appreciation by the crowd for both boxers.

Ashford boxer Jez Achong, goes through to the National quarter final with stable mate Jack Ewbank. After his opponent Josh Douglas of Moulscombe ABC pulled out due to injury.

Ashford coaches Dennis Jarvis, Andy Wilford and Jamie Carter, are proud of all their boxers performances on the day and to date.