Ramsgate Open Show 31-10-2014

Ashford Boxing Club travelled too the Broadstairs Pavillion to attend the Ramsgate open show.

IMG_2447Making his debut in boxing was Ashford’s new Heavyweight Luke Cross. Luke was matched with Ramsgate boxer, Joshua Reader. This would be Joshua’s second bout and also had an height advantage over Luke.

From the opening bell both boxers tried to take the advantage, by taking the centre of the ring. Luke got straight to work using good head movement, nullifying Joshua’s Southpaw stance. Punishing him to both head and body.

2nd round. Luke got straight onto his man, cornering him against the ropes and switching attacks. Josh gamely fought back with one-two combinations. But these merely had effect on Luke as his defences were good. With three quarters of the way into the round, the referee administered a standing count against the Ramsgate boxer after taking several body shots. The round ended with Luke being warned for a couple of low blows.

Into the 3rd and final round Luke was instructed by his corner to keep the pressure on. Taking note that he had been warned for a couple of low blows, Luke concentrated on head shots. Joshua  gamely continued to try and hold off Luke, whilst being punished again and again, against the ropes.  Approximately 40 second  to go luke caught his man flush with a crunching right-uppercut, that left the referee no option to jump in and count him out. Giving Luke his 1st win by way of TKO.

Luke with coaches Dennis Jarvis & Andy Wilford

Luke with coaches Dennis Jarvis & Andy Wilford