Fitzroy Lodge open show 12/03/2016

Ashford Boxing Club attended the Carney’s community centre in Battersea for the Fitzroy lodge ABC open boxing show. Where Ashford boxer Jez Achong 75kg was up against Elton Esterno 75kg of the hosting club.

The first round saw the Fitzroy Lodge boxer coming out with all guns blazing and throwing thunderous shots to both head and body. But Jez covered well and replied with some good quality jabs and right hands of his own.

The second round, Jez set the pace shipping his punches to both head and body and then getting safely behind the jab. Jez had to work for every second as the Fitzroy Lodge boxer was hungry to win and had an exceptional support on his own turf.

In the the third and final round Jez was told by his corner that the Fitzroy Lodge boxer was going to come at him hard and with everything. And that Jez must be ready and to move and turn his opponent and then fire his shots. Jez did this with good effect and finished with jabs to keep his man at bay as much as possible.
both boxers fought strongly to the end of the round, trying to gain the advantage.

At the final bell both boxers received a roar of applause for such a good bout.

Both boxers deserved credit. But the Ashford man rightly got the decision by way of unanimous decision.

Ashford coaches Jamie Carter, Andy Wilford & Dennis Jarvis with boxer Jez Achong