Ashford Boxing Club deeply sadden by the death of one of there own.

Head Coach Dennis Jarvis & Coaches Andy Wilford, Jamie Carter & Bob Jones on behalf of Ashford Boxing Club past & present would like to express there deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to the family of Roy Dehara.

Roy Dehara died suddenly on Saturday the 4th of June Whilst at work.

Roy was one of Ashford Boxing Club originals, he first trained under Head Coach Lenny Russell, until Dennis Jarvis took over in 1981. With Den’s guidance Roy achieved status of National Junior ABA Champion and until this day has not been matched.

Over the years Roy had trained and help many over the years, including his own brothers Dean & Darren, Eddie Knight, Andy Wilford, Jamie Carter and a whole host of people who boxed or just wanted to participate and be part of the club.

You always new that Roy was about with his 100mph chat, his infectious laugh and cracking jokes, mainly about himself.

Roy always trained like a warrior giving it 100% and spurring others on in the gym giving them encouragement.

Dennis Jarvis expressed that he was one of life’s great characters, deeply sadden by the sudden death, will remember all the good times that Roy and himself had, especially as coach and boxers relationships go!

Training with Roy was a great time for me at the club , I am deeply shocked and sadden by Roy’s sudden departure . He was a fantastic training partner who also became a great mate! He even cracked jokes on our early morning runs together and  later still sending them via text message. Thanks for the privilege of knowing you Roy, you’ll never be forgotten. Love & respect, Andy Wilford.

To view a video of Roy boxing back in the early 1990’s click on to the video page.

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I was lucky enough to know Roy at school and to work withhim at Wilj International.Terrific guy always laughing and joking wicked sense of humour, gutted when I heard the news, my thoughts and condolenses got out to his family.

God bless,

Ian Dixon

RIP Roy Dehara, well known local boxer, but a real nice guy out of the ring, sadly missed.

Mark Frew.

What a fighter and what a fight, that night i watched every punch and he once again made us proud to be a “de’hara.” He will be missed, but he will always be in our hearts.

love from his big brother.

mickey de’hara.

Like this fight, Roy always gave 100% in everything he done. That is how i will always remember you mate.

Miss you uncle roy!! u make us all so proud!!!


R.I.P Roy Dehara

Great Fight !!!!!!

All My Love To Micky And Family

Gary And The Boys From Tattooooze

I had the pleasure of going to the same school as Roy. Also fighting him on two occasions around 1980.
What a guy inside and outside of the ring .His memory will live forever just a fantastic guy loved by all . 
At the time i was Boxing for Canterbury we met twice winning one each with Lenny in Roys  corner.
From my memory Ashford boxing club was going through a rough time without the help of Roy and the 
family raising funds. I dought the club would have continued. 
Roy was and is a true Legend by everyone who has known him .  Until we meet again PAUL SPENDIFF X